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Jim Arnieri

Art is quite often found in detail -- separated, isolated, divorced from the whole, unique in its own image, pure in line and color. Over the past 30 years, I have searched for details that will delight the eye and capture the imagination of the viewer. I look for pleasing line, a splash of color, or an interesting shape, always masking the subject's identity.

I began taking photos as a youngster, using my family’s camera. In high school, I purchased my first 35mm camera and have been clicking the shutter ever since, through my Army service, obtaining my law degree, running my title insurance company, and practicing real estate law.

My love of cars started with my first car,  a 1967 MGB/GT in British racing green with black interior and chrome wire wheels. In 1984, I attended my first major car show and began photographing elements of the cars that I found interesting and unusual. My love of cars and photography has taken me from coast to coast in the US, as well as to Europe and South America.  

I remain a purist of sorts with regard to my photos, working strictly with 35mm film and without digital enhancement.

I hope that my images will please the viewer, either in the simplicity or the tranquility of tone and color.

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